Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

Money.. money.. and money..

If you an unemployment?
looking for extra cash ?
Don't have any abilities?

I think i can help you..

In this blog, i just want to give you a solution, how to make money online. I mean you only need to work from your house, and spend about 15 minutes in front of your computer.
Maybe you've already seen about so many affliates program, that's offer you some cheap e-book, that's said its guaranteed 200% cash back if you don't get rich.
I've already read that e-book, but for the free one. In the web they said they will give me the book free today, but when i checked it again tomorrow its still free. Err.. i don't know what's they purpose, maybe they want to get popularities or what..
The bad things, there's so many people still try this stupid scam internet marketing programs, because the adwords is very promising, like there's so many testimonial that said thank you for the program, because of that they've become success, and getting rich today. I think that's all is a FRAUD!

Okay, back to the book. The book tells so many things about internet marketing, like pay per click, adsense, and resale right, services, etc. Then, the summary is we can get rich as easy as they said. They said we can collect upto $1000 every week, after we read that book, and follow the instruction.
But, the instruction is very hard to do.
First, we must have a website, then search for the market, then adding some ads to our website, and finally the ads will give us money. It's easy to said.

So, what i've gonna teach you is about blogging.
There's so many way to make your blog to be some moneymachine. There's a lot easier then making a website, because the website need some HTML codes which is i don't understand that. So i prefer blogging.

People usually use blog for writing article, but if their blog have so many traffic, they will use that advantage to put some ads, and use their blog for the money machine. Like putting some adsense from Google.
As i know, the most income money from internet is from Google adsense.
Unfortunately, adsense isn't compatible for wordpress. So if you want to make moneymachine blog, just make your blog ats blogspot.com.

Here's some tips for increasing your traffic blog. If you want to make more money, you can make your blog to be a porn blog, or racist blog. It's bad, but the survey said the "sex" keyword in Google has over 700milion.
You can try make some blog with some sex story, or free download link some pornvideos. I bet it will increase your traffic, and your blog gonna make on Top100 blog site.
But if you want to go in good way, just step aside from that things.
Okay, here's some source to make money for blogger.

01. Google AdSense,------ http://adsense.google.com
02. Yahoo Publisher Network ----http://publisher.yahoo.com
03. Link Worth---- http:/www./linkworth.com
04. Adster,---- http:/www./adster.com
05. Adbrite,---- www.adbrite.com/mb/publisher_landing_page.php
06. Bidvertiser,---- www.bidvertiser.com
07. Widgetbucks,---- www.widgetbucks.com/home.page
08. Chitika,---- www.chitika.com
09. Text Link Ads,---- www.tex-link-ads.com
10. TextAds,---- www.texads.biz
11. BlogAds,---- www.blogads.com
12. Double Click,---- www.doubleclick.com

So this is all i can tell you for now. Because i never do the internet marketing anyway. I never meet people get rich from the internet marketing.
Please leave comment from my writing, sory for bad english, and if you mind, you can buy some cofee.
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thanks anyway for clicking, oopss, i mean for reading.

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